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Astro course 201

4 Weeks LIVE via ZOOM

with Michael - The Leo Mystic

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Live Zoom classes: 1 May - 7 May - 14 May - 21 May 2022

Download your bonus classes here: (they are a recommended prerequisite but not mandatory)


Download Class:

Pluto through the houses & signs

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Download Class:

the nodes through the signs & houses

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Lesson 1:

Seeing the soul & karma in the chart

How symbols in the chart reveal hidden parts of the soul

Meditating & diving deeper on the parts of the soul in your personal chart


Lesson 2:

The outer planets: Meaning & interpretation

How to build a bridge between 3D & 5D & awaken the Kundalini

What to do with levels of consciousness & environmental conditioning


Lesson 3:

Evolutionary astrology method for interpretation

The layers of personality and the journey to meeting the soul


Lesson 4:

Practice & developing interpretation skills

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