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Astro Workshop: Lunar nodes

Our spiritual evolution + karmic debts in this lifetime

The Lunar Nodes through the Houses & Signs





2 workshops of each 1,5h 

In collaboration with fellow astrologer Cato Vermeulen 'As above so below':

Benefits of embodying your unique blueprint:

𓄂𓆃 awakens us to our true, divine self
𓄂𓆃 magnetises right people and opportunities
𓄂𓆃 points us in direction for our purpose to unfold
𓄂𓆃 shows us a path to our highest potential
𓄂𓆃 become aware of our shadows and transform our conditioning

Astrology helps you remember your sovereignty, why you are here and how to share your unique gifts with this world, by shining light on the shadow parts that are holding you back.

During this workshop it’s our intention to help you find your highest self and releasing old patterns. We’ll dive into the lunar nodes ARCHETYPES (6/10) and the HOUSES (20/10), which are karmic points in Astrology and represent our path to spiritual growth.

The south node represents who you’ve been in past lifetimes and what you’ve come here to release, whereas

the north node can be seen as your north star -- the identity that you’re meant to step into in this lifetime to fulfil your purpose and find joy. If you behave according to your south node, life gets tired and dull — there’s no growth there. 


South node energy can be draining, whereas north node energy is uplifting and is where our highest potential lies.

Know that your work is to re-align to the authentic frequency that is you, that you have been born with it. To stop feeding into all of these things that are not you, that don’t support who you are nor your growth. You are worthy for who you are — the consciousness that is you. The natal chart shows us how unique you are and helps you remember your authenticity. Only then will we be able to manifest everything we desire that is in alignment with that. Let’s reclaim your power by elevating your level of consciousness.

This is a really great seminar for your own personal growth journey and to understand your purpose + the path of your loved ones and how to best navigate through these different expressions of energy.


Please note:

  • You do NOT need to have any knowledge about Astrology whatsoever. This seminar is for every-one of you. Just come with an open mind and a willingness to receive these magical codes.

  • There’s space for a Q&A at the end.

  • Replay available afterwards if you cannot make the live.

  • No refunds possible.

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