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Discover who you are, who you can be and why you are here.

When people book a reading with me, it's mostly because something is calling them to live their lives with more meaning and purpose. Others might face a challenge and want guidance, explanation and direction.


As an evolutionary astrologer your personal birth chart allows me to look at the evolution of your soul, its intention for growth as well as the strengths and challenges you brought into this lifetime.


Understanding this is like unfolding a map of the territory of your life. You see all the roads, buildings and places of interest, you can now choose where to drive to and what to avoid. Book a reading and see what the planets in your birthchart reveal.

Pay Reading
booking astrology
Astro readings

Meet your soul, grow & live with purpose


Birth Chart                         230€


Readings are in English/Dutch/Spanish

Zooming in on the reason for your existence, the greatest challenges and talents in your life and why. How to use them and what you need to focus on in order to live your soul purpose. Live 1-on-1 session via ZOOM +-1hour.


 Your Year Forecast      230€

A clear overview of the most important themes and areas to focus on to make it the most succesful year possible. Clarity on the challenges to deal with and the gifts you will be able to use. Live 1-on-1 session via ZOOM +-1hour.

Astro consultation

Ask me any astrochart related question live via ZOOM, in the moment. These can be technical astrology questions or life questions.
For example​

*Transits or Solar return questions

*"My moon is in cancer, my daughter's is in Leo, how do I best support her?"

*"What does my career look like?"

*"What kind of partner would be best with me?"
*"What is this Pluto square my sun about?"
**For an in-depth birtchart reading please book a birtchart reading

30 min.  99€

1 hour.  199€ 

Birth chart +              333€

year forecast           

Astrocartography:   299€
Find out what best place to live/

travel to according to your Astrology

Relationship              333

Synastry chart 
How well do you fit together and
what can you learn from each other

Astro guide

Discover the spiritual meaning of your astrological blueprint: Sun-, moon- & ascendant sign

Kopie van Elegant Bureau YouTube Thumbnail.png

A 23 page PDF that gives you a deeper understanding of why your higher self
has chosen to be your sun-,moon-, and ascendant sign in this lifetime.

You will discover: 

*The meaning behind sun, moon & ascedant sign 
*Your own personal sun, moon & ascendant signs 
*The meaning behind your personal sun, moon & ascendant signs and how you can use it in your daily life
*Your potential soul purpose and how to activate it
*Where your basic need for safety comes from and what keeps you locked in the past
*How others perceive you and how you present yourself unconsciously
*Receive your personal mantra for your sun, moon & ascendant for deeper reflection 

Ultimately this guide has the purpose to help you understand at a basic level 'why you are here, who you are and who you can be'.

Here's a sneak peak in the guide:

Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 16.09.21.png

Total Value:

Buy it for
9,99€ today

limited time only

Astro guide

Astroclass 101
Where do I begin?
Learn the basics o
f astrology for complete beginners (English & Nederlands!)


More advanced? Take it next level:

Here's what you'll learn:

*What makes up a 'birthchart' & what's the easiest & best way to begin to read it?

*How to make sense of all the circles, symbols & lines?

*A step-by-step method of interpretation broken down to make you seem like a pro & surprise your friends with. 

*All the tools & resources you need to start on your own.

*How to not get lost in the vast ocean of info by using the necessary tools for a beginner wisely to interpret the symbols, houses & aspects &  

*How to make your own chart & that of your friends & make sense of it.

*What makes up your basic blueprint: Sun, Moon & Ascendant sign & what does it mean? 

Copy of webinar (4).jpg

Where do I begin


  • Includes a completely written out 27 page PDF of the workshop and more + full step-by-step outline (English & Nederlands). You just have to fill in the blanks. 


Astro course 101

A 6-week program to learn all you need to know to master birthchart analysis

Learn at your own pace on line.

"The Astro 101 course is the ideal introductory course for everyone who wants to learn more about Astrology. It has given me insights about myself and my own birthchart. Michael's way of explaining is clear, concise and easy to understand. It is a 'hands-on' course where we physically experienced all the aspects that a chart is made up off through all kinds of meditation. This made it way more accessible and helps you to ground the material in an effective way." - Dorien Kestens



"Michael's astro course is a real eye-opener.
He stirs the curiosity to dive further into the deep secrets of Astrology.
I am looking forward to the continuation of this course" - -
Dominique Bellens

Astro course 201

4 Weeks LIVE via ZOOM

with Michael - The Leo Mystic

"Michael's teaching is pretty clear and straightforward, easy to understand despite the difficulty of the subject! He literally brings heaven to earth, made the masterclass fun and dynamic. I can now read my chart and interpret it with all the information he has provided. Michael is an expert in breaking complex concepts that make it easier for us to understand and intepret life around and within us"
Sherina Shamdashani - Astroclass student


Live Zoom classes: (sun)1 May - (sat)7 May - (sat)14 May - (sat)21 May 2022

schedule: 2,5h/class - 14h - 16.30h

Lesson 1:

Seeing the soul & karma in the chart

How symbols in the chart reveal hidden parts of the soul

Meditating & diving deeper on the parts of the soul in your personal chart


Lesson 2:

The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto): Meaning & interpretation

How to build a bridge between 3D & 5D & awaken the Kundalini

What to do with levels of consciousness & environmental conditioning


Lesson 3:

Evolutionary astrology method for interpretation

The layers of personality and the journey to meeting the soul


Lesson 4:

Practice & developing interpretation skills

BONUS included for FREE in the price:

Videoclass: Pluto through the houses & signs
Value: 47€
Videoclass: The nodes through the houses & signs - Value: 47€


Early bird (until 14th April) 444€
697 €

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